Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Speeding Ticket After 38 Years Driving

Drove from Revere to LA twice via Chicago, to Orlando, to Atlanta in the past 5 years and all over this country before that time; Never had a speeding ticket. 

This past August on my way to Atlanta it finally happened at two in the mornnng in Connecticut trying my best to avoid crazy traffic by leaving Revere at 11:45 PM.  I am not a fast driver by nature but tend to try to avoid bottle necks by zooming around them which in most cases takes some acceleration which is what happened in this case. 

I have been told by a friend in most states; if one is on a highway and they drive ten miles an hour over the speed limit that in most cases and found in most states that you will not get pulled over for speeding, having seen this first hand.  I am not a reckless nor an aggressive driver but often pull around bottlenecks of traffic using cation by always signaling to let others know of my intentions. 

This is what happened on the morning in question.  I did not blame the officer's concern by my speed for the safety of others nor for asking me to explain.  I thought at the time and assuming he ran my license plate he would have seen a clean driving record and that a warning would have been appropriate for the violation.  I assumed that is was a warning handed to me and was shocked to learn he sited me for speeding.

I admit am not perfect having a DWI over twenty years ago which I made a vow and stuck to it, which was never to drink and drive ever.  I paid dearly for this in more ways than one.

In all I would rate my self a very safe driver always on the lookout for the unusual,  actualy avoiding some potentially lethal situations from drivers not paying attention or who may be under the influence of something, texting, on a cell phone or trying to read.

I will apper in court expecting the worse hoping for the best.

So please drive safely our lives depend on it.