Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays and Have a Great New Year!!!

It is now raining here in Revere I am dressed waiting for my wife to come home from work and ready for our night over my youngest daughters house who lives around the corner.  She use to live next door.

We will be meeting my oldest daughters new boyfriend this will be my first.

My son in the middle age wise between his sisters will be there with his wife.

All I'm thinking about is becoming profitable in "09".

Have yet to put my goals down for the New Year but know I have to take certain steps and keep doing those steps over and over to achieve anything.

One does not have to be the best at what they do but You have to do it constantly.

You cannot fail if you never DO IT.

Please pardon my sucky writing today my mind is not in this today but I have to put something on this blog and hopefully I am not offending my readers.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally Writer's Digest Turned On The "$" Light Bulb!!!

Don't Know If You Know This But I AM Dying To Make My First Buck Online!

Don't want to make millions just what I was making before going on disability.

Thanks to an email from one of Writer's Digest affiliates and their compelling copy; I realized I could be storing pictures worth "THOUSANDS"on my hard drives that were taken as a hobby.

My first truckload of photos were taken with a Fuji (my first real camera).

I learned two great lesson from my Fuji; 

One was to hold your camera firmly. 

Two, use that strap that comes with it and put it around your neck.

Let me throw in this third tip.

Never believe they guy trying to sell you a $100.00 warranty for your $400.00 camera.

I bought my Fuji along with my first laptop (with a $400.00 warranty) to take pictures in California where I was the best man at my friends wedding.

Autumn in New England is beautiful and with a camera of any kind you can get great shots.

I live in Revere which is north of Boston and the shots are nowhere as colorful as they are 17 miles north in an area where I once worked.

Don't get me wrong I have great colorful pictures from in and around Boston. (See Above)

I just decided to tell you what happened to my Fuji.

There is a huge tree I like to shoot annually in the fall near where I use to work because it is bright orange but if taken too soon there is some green, taken too late it will be bare.

The reason there are no examples or pictures in this post is because I am on my laptop.

One morning in the Fall on the weekend I decided to go shoot my tree.

On the way to my site I notice that it looked pretty in Saugus along 128 then decided to pull over an get some shots off of small bridge over a dried out stream.

When getting out of the vehicle I went to grab the camera watching it as if in slow motion fall to the ground breaking the function control button.

I was in shock before I realized I had a warranty

Well, needless to say everything the salesman who told me about the warranty on my Fuji, was not there, neither was the salesman and now that electronics store is no longer around either.

Guess what one of the biggest published gripes was about that store?

They did not honor their warranties.

I would tell you the name of the store but could not be bothered giving them Free Press. 



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Life Starts Now...Again!

Millennium Resources LLC is Born!!!

Thanks to Erik Stafford of the Faster Web Master, Millennium Resources LLC was born last night in between  the local news and the Jay Leno Show.

This was the goal I been working towards since taking this past semester off from UMB with a remaining 16 credits to achieve a degree in Marketing.

Some might be thinking  "What a Loser" only 16 credits to go?  

These were my thoughts; 

"Waste my time with what is left of my life with classes that have nothing to do with my future goals and objectives for a piece of paper that is maybe  going to get me into a corporate job in a strugling economy?

Only having 16 credits to go is only part of my frustration; it is having 72 credits that have no value toward a Marketing degree although they had a great value for me. 

UMB didn't have a problem charging me for those credits...its a Business.  

UMB a great University and like all great things it has flaws.
Thoughts that often ran through my mind was having more total college credits than some of the professors teaching me knowing it was those professors, from other universities, who were part of the high cost to UMB Students. 

Compared to Tenured Professors I sometimes found myself learning more from Junior Professors, finding that Tenured Professors teaching business classes were using what I call a canned syllabus slightly tweaked semester after semester making their job easy and not really preparing the student for the Real World.

Some professor's gave me a sympathy grade, which did not like feeling I did the work, most did not just on the correct principle of being fair to others students.


I worked my but off for those who didn't, ending the semester with a  D or a F of which  those classes were taken over.  

I worked in Corporate America for 35 years without looking for or getting sympathy.  

Did they? 

The Real World is changing fast!


Not all classes change so much that the canned syllabus is not effective.

It baffles me that textbook publishers force students to buy new books year after year with the same old subjects that will never change, like Calculus as an example.

What I did learn at UMB is how to do Thorough Research.

Research in IM is what I've been doing off and on in between semesters since 2006 but turned it into my passion since May 2008.  

My reasons for this research is to find something I did not have to get up and run to every day.  

With limited mobility, walking with the aid of crutches instead of using a wheelchair is preferred in my home or at an occasional seminar.

I am not afraid of learning or a job, I am afraid of the high odds of me doing a "Bambi" on the shiny polished granite floors of UMB.

What is a "Bambi"? 

You might want to rent the video for you kids.  

I do not know the name of the movie.

What I do know is Bambi is a Walt Disney character. 

The scene that reminds me of me slipping on a shiny floor or black ice, is where just after Bambi was born, she or he, steps onto a frozen pond trying to get some footing.  

Don't know how long the scene is but that's me with even a half inch in diameter drop of water, or a cable tie at the the end of a crutch tip.

A cable tie is what someone I use to work with found to be hilarious throwing them on the floor knowing I would spot it never seeing an actual fall.

I learned how to fall properly having gone down a couple of times on these cable ties.

Before I got my Associate Degree from Newbury College I liked to write; I was published but never pursued it as a career having three children.  

At the time it was better to stick with being an Electronic Technician job having been with the company for twenty-three years; at one time even had 11 years perfect attendance.

What was I thinking?  

I can only hope to get an employee like I was to work for me in Millennium Resources.
Thanks to Erik Stafford who knows how to get into the IM business I am pursuing, Millennium Resources was born.

Stay tuned!     

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Clearing The Desk

There Must Be A Reason The Expensive Gurus Are!

Out of the $1500.00 spent on Information Marketing (IM) since May of this year the best $300.00 spent was on  Waking Up Productive by Eben Pagan and it had nothing to do with IM to that point. 

I have to admit it was his great Pit Bull Marketing that got me to buy into the product.

I am not an easy sell!  (I know... what about the $1500.00?) I'll get to that in minute.

It was wave after wave of personal stuff going on in my life that interrupted the perfect 9 week plan for success.

I might sound cynical about other Gurus but it is just because they do not seem to mind taking money knowing people will fail by not only getting "It" but will fail to getting their refunds back.


Because of something called Pride.

This is not a fault of Guru's it's their bread and butter!

The $1500.00 spent just on IM material supposedly represents tens of thousands of dollars of product launches where witnessed, by video, the best of the IM Gurus at  $10,000.00 per person events.

I want to be a success in IM but I also want to be able to sleep at night

Don't get me wrong there are great Gurus; just not many like Eben Pagan

If I were making $2000.00 online per week I would gladly pay what ever Eben Pagan charged but keep in mind it would have nothing to do with IM part of his workshops it would be selfishly to motivate me.

My head spins with what was learned the past six months about IM

My number one goal right now?

Start a business in "09". 

Your goal should be before you think of following a Guru has to be what I repeat to myself. 

In order to succeed online you must follow these two simple basic rules;

1. Start a real Business.

2. Market That Business Online

This my advice please listen if you decide to take your business online;  then and only then select a Guru to help your Business grow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting It in "09"

Please Be Advised I Like Advice

Do not want this to be a waste of your time; I really appreciate that you stopped by.

I'm learning the ropes all over again using some new methods of self improvement but most are things that were re-learned in the past six months.


The rough estimate of what it cost to take at home multiple marketing courses including books, video and audio training was $1500.00.

This cost even as a rough estimate is nothing compared my UMB college education which is  $1700.00 per class x4 = $6800.00, this not including books, parking pass, gas and tolls.

Online Internet Marketing (I.M.) training is taught by teachers who do it for a living in the real world unlike tenured professor's dependent on their own future outcome instead of the student's. 

To be fair to both both types of teachers there are the good and the bad.


Like some tenured professors who only think of their future there are the I.M. teachers, mentors or Gurus who also only think only of themselves.

My personal goals have changed.

 Last year at this time graduating in "09" at UMB was a plan. 

Taking a realistic a look at my situation I found it was time to weigh the pros and cons of my Life coming to the conclusion that working and learning from home is the safest and least expensive for me.

Some Reasons good and bad; 

Walking to my classes gave me more than enough daily exercise but navigating stone and marble floors to walk on was unnerving; it only takes one drop of water or a small batch of black ice filling in a crack to drop me like a sack of potatoes.

A sack of potatoes does not have a Tibia Plateau which was all ready fractured thanks.

Not not being sick in the past six months from not  touching door knobs, handles or elevator buttons.

I was victim of Polio in the fall of 1955. 

Growing up I actually thought that I would get over the use of crutches which came to an abrupt end from a tripping accident at work in 1994. 

I overcame a lot of hurdles early in my life because of friends who stood behind, with and by me walking at my slower pace. 

My new goals.

1. Start a Business.

2. Market that Business Online.

3. Make my goals public.

4. Follow instructions of ONE Teacher, Mentor or Guru.

5. Develop a plan and stick with it for Twelve Months.

6. Teach people what I learned by showing them step by step.