Friday, July 9, 2010

Trying To Get It Back

This is trash on my Revere Beach left by foolish Little Piggies that should know better.

I love this beach and why do they trash it?  Can you see the State Provided Trash Can to the Upper Left of this Dunkin Donut Coffee cup?  How lazy have we become?

I know my previous entry to this blog was a little too much.

Summer is finally here my favorite part of the year to come down to the beach. 

If you came here the very next day the trash the Little Piggies left would be gone.  It would have been taken away by the Chain less Gang who do their Civil Service by walking the beach, getting some sun and fresh air while keeping the beach clean so the Little Piggies can mess it up.

The Summer is where I try to get back my ability to write something worth reading for you.

I just got back from a spontaneous trip to California by way of Route 66 with my Nephew who just finished his first year in College.

There is Nothing that will top off your first year of college like a Road Trip across this great country of ours.

Then there is what is already in your own back yard.
Revere Beach in foreground Prudential Tower in the haze over Boston.

As a teen I would spend the whole Summer on the beach.

This was where lost my virginity to a girl who was way too young to know what she knew about boys.

This is where I met the girl next door type who might have known a lot about boys but she held those thoughts inside.

This is where I had family; people who cared for my welfare who knew I had both parents back home who worried where I was.

This where I got permission to smoke cigarettes if I would just stay in for one weekend.

When I was a teen the legendary rides where here and Old rides were actually replaced with newer rides.

Now tons of people come here mostly on weekends and Holiday's and sit across and on where there were sub shops, ice cream stands the hippodrome, roller coaster, merry-go-round and what ever I forgot.

It was my beach then and it is my beach now. 

Pick up YOUR Trash Lazy Piggies.