Monday, September 14, 2009

It's About Time!

For those of you that enjoy my rants I am sorry.

There has been lots to write about just have not taken the time to do what I though I loved to do, so I spontaneously decided to get on here.

It has been a while as I can see as you can also.

My WordPress blog has gotten recent attention but my two websites have been neglected and I am about to feel like I am working again because even if you have a cause or a passion for one, you still have bills to pay. I am not going out tomorrow and finding a way to monetize this blog but I do have to get cracking the whip on my two websites and find a solution to this dyslexia.

I just finished the Sacred Heart Medical Diet and out of the 17 LBS I was supposed to loose I only lost 4LBS making me eat something real fattening today but I only had a single serving. It was a frozen slice of  a steak bomb calzone.  Before doing this diet, by the way it did manage to eliminate visible fat, I was binging while exceeding calories far beyond that of mortal men.  I was letting feelings interfere with my physical health.

Believe it or not I use to have a journal still do but what was happening with that was my life was such a bore when I would want to reference what was going on in my life a year ago on a specific day it was almost the same to the letter.  Now that the kids no longer live here and now hate me forever things have not gotten anymore exciting but it is not that I have not tried.

Read a couple of my past post and you can see I have been trying to do something with my life. My experience can help someone I'm sure and it all I have to give.

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