Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Want To Start, Do Not Know Where To, Do Not Let Me Stop!

It has certainly been a while!

The only thing I care to to tell you is that you might not want to know where I  been.

My blood pressure has risen in the events of what my life has given me for giving or not giving enough to others.

50's being the new 30's brings with it some amazing shit.

When I originally married at 21 years old to my 20 year old wife in 1975 my idea was to start a family right then and there so when we were 50 we could jump in our RV and see the USA.

Of course you know the story never goes the way you plan no matter how smart you think you are and I was of course a freeking genius.  NOT!

In the 70's I was DRIVEN to prove to my peers that I was equal physically and eventually would Walk Off muscle atrophy in my left leg from Polio and Scoliosis in my back.

I was fortunate according to a UMass Boston Professor who many years later said to me, "I though you broke your leg, polio would have been rough for you if you were not as handsome as you are."

Getting a Degree was supposed to get me off of the states disability payroll not realizing at the time that I should have been tested for ADD which would have helped in having that degree two years ago since my great looks did not seem help in midterms and finals where I knew the material.

Where is the DRIVE?

I loved going to UMass Boston when I was learning something I liked.

Screw the test they did not prove anything except that some retain some don't but will they know it later?


They'll do what I do now when I need to know something or re-remember something, Google it.

Here is how I revived the DRIVE

This is just a tidbit of things I have read from her bolg that have inspired me to be back and stay back with you folks who happen to stop by.

"And, this pretty much covers everyone, right? The super-focused and the super-lost: You should all be blogging."

Having small children is chalening but watching a grandchild get shit for just being a kid in your child's care is nothing to brag about.

Watching your children having a good life then watch it get washed away not by flood or hurricane but by things you don't want to admit to, then have to listen to stranger than the truth stories of how things got so carried away without hearing a real explanation.

What do I know?

Pretty basic.

I was disabled working in a factory for 23 years, had many perfect attendance awards one was for 11 years of perfect attendance.

No one can tell me I did not have a great work ethic.

One thing I know now I did not then was after two years your value as an employee goes up as your salary goes down.

Think about that! 

But if you do not work period, you cannot have a home or a car and my grandchild gets to have Rent-A-Center http://www6.rentacenter.com/Rent-A-Center-Home.html#1 come and take your Christmas present's monitor away then eventually everything else!

This is a tad of what was holding my post back.

It is not my health it is my broken heart.

I'm not perfect which makes it tougher for me to come up with positive things to write about.

Would love to have your imput.

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Fibro Witch said...

As nice as it would be to just google it. Sometimes you are in a situation where you can't just google. In my case I do carry a small hand held with all the data I really need. Much of the super important stuff I have to know.

Of course since I am no longer a safety professional maybe I should remove some of the knowledge about fire prevention and ergonomics. But what interesting thing would I replace it with. Gossip about Brad and Angie? Keep up with that reality show where everyone one's name has a K in it?

No I think I will keep the important stuff right where it is. I might not be able to quote regulations any more, but I still have the emergency training, and sometimes it's even useful.

Glad to see you posting again.