Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than Today!

Actually it does get better than this but this day here is the best so far.  
The traffic is not bad yet. It gets crazy at this house as far as noise levels go.  Being ten feet away from a two lane highway near an intersection that takes you to the  World Famous Kelly's Roast Beef & Seafood on Revere Beach the first public in America things can get hectic for those of us who live blocks away. Some of us hate the nice weekends for this very reason.  It doesn't need to be as warm as is today to before things get out of hand at the intersection in front of my house.  Everyone who stops there is different, some are to busy talking on their cell phones to notice the green arrow even though the traffic all being stopped is a cue for some but most are clueless then the impatient ones lay on the horn, then there is the road rage freaks who actually get out of there vehicles then they become what they were so pissed about. The best thing is vehicles can only get on the beach from this intersection.  The street itself is a two way from Kelly's parking area.
I was really hoping the nice day and empty house would help inspire some words out of me.  I do write this blog for you and want to make it interesting for all visitors.
Monday was the day I thought was going to start the Summer.  I had all the windows open but was cautioned by the weather man that it was going to rain later but did not remember him saying anything about the drop in temperature.  Tuesday sucked Wednesday was nice but could have been a lot warmer.  Yesterday was a start of warm up that may end tonight.
Did you have enough of the weather?  Let me tell you what happened this past Monday evening besides me having to close all the windows and put the heat back on which I wouldn't think of doing right now.   I have no idea who reads this blog and what the average age is but I have a couple of questions to people my age.  Did you hang around a specific corner when you were a teen?  Did you ever think of having a reunion with the folks that hung around that corner?  37 years later someone from our corner thought up this great idea and somehow pulled it off. To top it off someone from the corner even had a downed by the economy restaurant that was so slow on Mondays he opened it for this event.  The woman who ran the event was a very close friends to my wife and I when we  were young and free.  My wife had to be in the house before the streetlights went on which was my fault as one night, when she had to be in by nine O'clock, we fell asleep cuddling very close to her house.  Her parents were very strict, obviously.  I was allowed to be with my wife but was not allowed in the house.  Who knows why they had these rules because when my wife went in she could stay up until the sun rose.  My parents were not as strict as long as I was not grounded for something.
M&T's was opened till 9:00 and Tom let us hang around the store after hours as long as we kept it down, the noise that is.  If things got too noisy we went to the Whelan School which could keep a larger crowd dry on a rainy night but I do not remember them.  Actually I do not remember much from those days except that we did hang out together for hours.
When we got to the reunion the rain that was coming down along with the thermostat altering temperatures. The woman who put this thing together was having a cigarette with the woman who was her sidekick or partner in crime or what ever it was they were up to back then because they were always up to something.  Seeing them together was something that was expected but wearing very strong glasses? I doubt I would recognize either one of them if I bumped into them anywhere but this reunion.  I really did not care to stand in the rain though I do not mind occasional second had cigarette smoke, but went inside. 
This is what I looked like back then but how would these folks remember or recognize me now?  I still walk with crutches!  The reason I mention this is because when I walked into the restaurant there was this biker wearing a black skullcap with a Harley Davidson emblem on it sitting at the end of the bar with a long thinned out ZZ-Top beard staring me right in the eye with a smirk.  I  asked, "You know me?" he said, "you're Michael Cantone."  He then asked, "You know me?"  I must have burnt out my internal flash drive seeing if I could picture this guy 37 years earlier.  I pride myself on my recollection of faces and or anything analog for that matter but I was stunned that I was stumped as I would be later on in the evening.   I asked, "Who are you?" He said, "I'm not telling you."  I turned to my wife for assistance she managed to remember.  Then there were the folks even after 37 years didn't change much. Here we were all together in this restaurant.  It was ten dollar per couple which included food and a cash bar.

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Suldog said...

Yup, hung on a corner in Dorchester for years. I'm not in touch with any of those guys anymore. I'd have mixed feelings about seeing them again. I've become a different person since then (as they have, I'm sure.) I think it would be very awkward.