Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

Planning my second trip to Florida this year!
Have not been blogging as much as planned on at the beginning of the year.  Hard to believe this guy (me) use to faithfully keep a daily journal.  There were some highlights but it was mostly the same old stuff over and over again just like in the movie "Ground Hog Day" except there were no crazy attempts at changing the events in my life.  
Here is a synopsis of a couple of entries;
During the morning of 9-11 and previous morning before that some kid thought it was hysterical bringing his 100lb Rottweiler puppy up to my fence where Stumpy my little 20lb white American Eskimo stood guard nearly having had a heart attack barking like he meant business while he sized up the puppy who had no idea why my boy was upset and I could never figure out why this stupid kid thought it was so funny.
Then the second plane hit the second tower,
But that is history and so is my little boy.  It's funny how I think of him more than I think of humans that have past on.
When I think of the Title of this entry it doesn't matter what I knew then because what I knew then has no bearing on what is happening today.  Maybe my journals of babel will be what I need to reference what the world was like back then.  What will the world be like in twenty years?  Will we have those doctors  to make great discoveries to extend our lives?  Please don't count on it.  When everything has a dollar sign on that is what the students in school are focused on.  How do I know?  I was there.  I struggled with Math discovering later doing research on marketing for Baby Boomer's that it is natural for someone my age to have problems in academics. Young adults going to UMass where thinking, "Where is the short cut?"  Instead of learning the mechanics of the math.  They just knew they could cram a little and test out into a higher level where they would end up failing because they wanted the prize which was the high paying nursing job.  Knew another young lady who had math ability wanted to be a nurse but sucked at people ability.  It scares me quite a bit what I see happening and what is coming out of our colleges.  Just watch Jay Leno's J walking.  If they aint acting this county or at least in California is in for some deep trouble.  Who is going to take care of the Greater Generation?

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