Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Really Enjoyed This Summer

The Highlight Of This Year Came During The Last Quarter Of Spring Which Had Nothing On This Past Summer.

I spent more time with my Godson this past Spring in total time since he was christened 18 years ago.

It was at my mothers passing that I mentioned to my nephew I would be taking a trip down Route 66 asking him if he would be interested in joining me this Summer.

I was pumped thinking how great to be able to take some serious pictures since driving and shooting pictures is not safe and seldom get what you're shooting at.

Touching base with my nephew was more of a chore than I needed to deal with while getting my mother's stuff in order even though her knowing she was passing made it a lot easier.

My wife had plans for while I was away and made it clear that she had arranged her vacation from work so that she could get some stuff done around here at the house.

My last trip to Route 66 which was solo but very rewarding in comparison to the very first trip, where my stress level was very high as my father in-law's pending death weighed heavy on my mind.

The last trip, I came home to a brand new kitchen floor.

What would have, could have and should have happened this trip never did, what ever it would have been.


I will take the rap because of guilt from not making much effort of being the greatest Godfather.

This lead me to beckon to my Nephew's wish to leave earlier than the date that coincided with my wife's vacation time.

I did not think this could or should have any bearing on what ever it was, my wife had planned while we were away.

Why did we leave early?

We left early because my Nephew knew it was hurricane season and Route 66 happens to be part of Hurricane Ally and I stupidly was up for it even though I am an adult.

As a matter of fact I was hoping to experience earthquakes when we finally got to Cali.

My biggest mistake was thinking that my nephew who had experienced his first year in college, was a fully developed adult.


Don't get me wrong I love my nephew now more like a son rather than a Godson, but he has a long way to go for adulthood.

From what your reading so far you think that about me, Don't You?

If any of you are familiar with polio you might find what I have to say about how sometimes us folk handle anger does not involve the physical but leaves the emotional something to be desired.

Since we left Boston it was getting more impossible to find stuff to talk about because my nephew knew everything and he was made me believe it.


Each mile that went by I wondered, how did this kid make it through his first year of college?

It was an accumulation of statements and contradictions which led me to finally have a polio attach in New Mexico after my nephew refused to believe the headlights were still on and the engine had to be on before the lights would turn off without the built in timer that would turn them off using the battery that I was trying to conserve if it made a difference or not.

I might have over done it on the apology as my nephew took it to heart when I said this trip is all about and for him which was evident in the Rout 66 attractions were not seeing leaning away from the guide book I took just so we would not miss what was out there.

For more on the trip please see the Route 66 Boston Blog because I want you to know why and get back my Summer was the best I had in a while.

We got back June 28 which left the whole Summer with lots to write and or shoot about.

I did a very bad job of watching my salt intake on the trip and needed to put myself on a diet which by the way worked,  losing 8 LBS, of course that was from doctor appointment to appointment because I put on an easy 5 LBS.

I made runs to Mickey D's mostly for the $1.00 coffee and if I ate their poison it was without hash brown & french fries.

I have not been near or at 240 LBS in at least a century; I did this while hanging at Revere Beach getting a tan.

I wanted to write but wanting to and doing is two different things as you all know.

I did however take lots of pictures mostly in and around here in Revere.

I needed that Summer to recover from my trip I just wish I wrote more about while it was fresh in my mind but as the highlights come back to me I get them back to you.

Of course your encouragement is always welcome and encouraged.


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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Well, you had to do it, didn't you...mentioning Mickey D's hash browns and fries just as I published a post on the perils of such foods. And now, here I am at 7 am, craving them...I am such a weak person! I think, really, you must be a great Godfather! C