Friday, September 10, 2010

Is Waiting For The Plumber The Reason I'm Not Deficating?

Can't be that bad of an emergency if I had a choice of 3:00 this afternoon or Monday Morning!

Usually when my wife is in a panic about most emergencies I automatically take it down a couple of notches and worry less than her heightened reaction to the situation that she is displaying.

My pipes are not flooding the basement but I have to go there to defecate and not turn any water on upstairs; but my plumber the one of the two I talked to, who lives at home with his mother does not think it is an EMERGENCY?

The last emergency where these guy's where involved that I had; was when my fairly new oil burner died with at least a quarter of a tank of oil left or so it appeared. 

They came within a few hours since it was march and I don't know about where you come from but around her it is dam cold but thankfully we had a break in the weather as a warm front moved in.

It was a good thing for the warm spell because what was going to happen next was going to take a while.

These guys have a permanent contract gig with a Housing Project which obviously makes them complacent so they have this lets make a little extra on the side thing by servicing people like my wife and I.

When they came I let them in through the basement door and went to my unfinished office where it was heated with an electric space heater.

I left them alone because I know I would hate having someone breathing down my neck.

Some serious time had passed as they started out with cleaning the oil burner which should be part of  the regular maintenance that was couple of months over due.

I was busy working in my office but could hear them hard at work troubleshooting the problem.

After hours of laboring at the problem they both came to the conclusion that the oil tank was THE problem and had to be replaced.

I had no doubt at this time that they were correct in there conclusion.




I'm very grateful that my brother in law told us about these guys BUT!

That was when they came in and gave our basement an updated bathroom sink and toilet that was done at the fraction of the cost YOUR plumber would have charged YOU.

It was time to make up for their losses.   

OK our oil tank was leaking right where the pipe that goes into that filter which then goes through to the oil burner.

We now had a choice.

Do we want to replace the oil tank with the same type or do we want one of these double lined German made Roth's?

Hey I know if we care so much for the environment what are we doing heating our house with oil?

We went with the Roth it takes up less space...that might have something to do with it hold less oil?

My concern was what was going to happen to the quarter of a tank of oil?

It would be taken care of along with the old oil tank disposal all included in the quoted price.

This was the best part of this whole part of  REPAIR: The Tigerloop Ultra.

The plumber's could not get this thing to work but managed to mainline oil to the burner overnight because there was a severe cold front coming.

So why couldn't we just let it run without the Tigerloop Ultra

The oil needs be filtered is what I was told and that makes sense.

Halfway through the job or when the oil tank was cut in half they realized the oil tank was empty!

The oil tank's gauge was broken!

Did we really need a new oil tank?

Is my leaking drain pipe an EMERGENCY?






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