Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hope You'll Be Seeing More Here As The End Of My 30's Is Near

As much as I wanted to rejoin my friends on the Mother Road/Route 66 in Joplin MO it was not in

 my best interest to leave my very humble home.  Those of you who know me know everyday is a

 struggle I do not care to admit to.  After a frightful fall down the front stairs of my home I felt as 

though that my 30's youth I boasted reminded me to cherish and to be grateful each time I made it to

unlock the door to the minivan in the driveway that has taken me from Revere Beach two blocks 

away from where I live to the parking lot on the Santa Monica Pier over three thousand miles from 


Wow!  It is more difficult trying to make an entry on this blog versus writing in my journal where I 

should not be editing anyway.

Sorry for the sound of regret but I'll have to change the name of this blog to "60's The New 40's".  I 

need to stop putting off today or yesterday what can be done by committing to do some serious 

writing.  I can write you know.

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