Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank God It's Friday...Maybe Not WhereYou Are This Is Yesterday

Like I said in my last entry it is not as easy writing here as it is in my personal journal.  I can say

what I want there and it is a lot easier to edit out stupid grammar mistakes and it is great practice

when I do write.  I am a writer but when compared to others I don't.  I was inspired by a many a

writer.  No I doubt I have 10,000 hours of writing even though I actually have journals that go back

years.  Those journals are based on what I call Monkey Mind Bullsh&*!  Like you I have a family

who should stand behind me and they do but it is what they do and their actions and inaction's that

cause my inaction's due to serious dwelling on things I have no control of which includes lessons

from my very bad past that I all ready learned from.  I might come back make a couple of sentences

out of  the previous one but due to the the work it takes to keep a double space I probably will not.  I

would like to say that I enjoy being a househusband but I don't.  What takes my wife seconds takes

me a few minutes what takes her a few minutes takes me a half hour.  Some of the things my wife

does fast like her method for doing dishes is great if we owned a dishwasher but depending who has

been over for dinner with various mouth disorders makes me retch at the thought.  My bathroom

laundry that I fold takes longer but looks more presentable if we had company that needed to use a

facecloth or a towel.

Next year I will be 60 at this time.  I don't feel it but unfortunately I look it.  I need to get published.

Yes having a blog is technically being published but when you blog as infrequently as I have who

would even know?  Some may look at what I have said because of my Twitter pages.  I have tons of

Twitter followers if you happen to read this because of Twitter please leave a message.  A narcissists

I might be but no harm will come to you for knowing me my head is not that big.  You have to be a

bit of a narcissists to be a writer and have at least the sign of an ego.  I could write a novel about me

or make believe it was someone else would you?  I have had quite a life but I don't have a legacy.  I

was bad,  my wife says I was a P which is the opposite of a C neither of which do I think makes for a

good title or a name to call a male or a female.  Just keeping you on the same page.

I have never traveled around the world but I have been all over this country and there I places I

 have not seen that I would still like to visit.  Last year I traveled to and through 26 states in 22 days.

I could have used this map by Kerouac:

I read "On The Road" before I took my last journey.  All I could think of on my way home was this

map as I drove through states I never been to before using the Northern route.


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