Saturday, November 29, 2008

Clearing The Desk

There Must Be A Reason The Expensive Gurus Are!

Out of the $1500.00 spent on Information Marketing (IM) since May of this year the best $300.00 spent was on  Waking Up Productive by Eben Pagan and it had nothing to do with IM to that point. 

I have to admit it was his great Pit Bull Marketing that got me to buy into the product.

I am not an easy sell!  (I know... what about the $1500.00?) I'll get to that in minute.

It was wave after wave of personal stuff going on in my life that interrupted the perfect 9 week plan for success.

I might sound cynical about other Gurus but it is just because they do not seem to mind taking money knowing people will fail by not only getting "It" but will fail to getting their refunds back.


Because of something called Pride.

This is not a fault of Guru's it's their bread and butter!

The $1500.00 spent just on IM material supposedly represents tens of thousands of dollars of product launches where witnessed, by video, the best of the IM Gurus at  $10,000.00 per person events.

I want to be a success in IM but I also want to be able to sleep at night

Don't get me wrong there are great Gurus; just not many like Eben Pagan

If I were making $2000.00 online per week I would gladly pay what ever Eben Pagan charged but keep in mind it would have nothing to do with IM part of his workshops it would be selfishly to motivate me.

My head spins with what was learned the past six months about IM

My number one goal right now?

Start a business in "09". 

Your goal should be before you think of following a Guru has to be what I repeat to myself. 

In order to succeed online you must follow these two simple basic rules;

1. Start a real Business.

2. Market That Business Online

This my advice please listen if you decide to take your business online;  then and only then select a Guru to help your Business grow.

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