Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Life Starts Now...Again!

Millennium Resources LLC is Born!!!

Thanks to Erik Stafford of the Faster Web Master, Millennium Resources LLC was born last night in between  the local news and the Jay Leno Show.

This was the goal I been working towards since taking this past semester off from UMB with a remaining 16 credits to achieve a degree in Marketing.

Some might be thinking  "What a Loser" only 16 credits to go?  

These were my thoughts; 

"Waste my time with what is left of my life with classes that have nothing to do with my future goals and objectives for a piece of paper that is maybe  going to get me into a corporate job in a strugling economy?

Only having 16 credits to go is only part of my frustration; it is having 72 credits that have no value toward a Marketing degree although they had a great value for me. 

UMB didn't have a problem charging me for those credits...its a Business.  

UMB a great University and like all great things it has flaws.
Thoughts that often ran through my mind was having more total college credits than some of the professors teaching me knowing it was those professors, from other universities, who were part of the high cost to UMB Students. 

Compared to Tenured Professors I sometimes found myself learning more from Junior Professors, finding that Tenured Professors teaching business classes were using what I call a canned syllabus slightly tweaked semester after semester making their job easy and not really preparing the student for the Real World.

Some professor's gave me a sympathy grade, which did not like feeling I did the work, most did not just on the correct principle of being fair to others students.


I worked my but off for those who didn't, ending the semester with a  D or a F of which  those classes were taken over.  

I worked in Corporate America for 35 years without looking for or getting sympathy.  

Did they? 

The Real World is changing fast!


Not all classes change so much that the canned syllabus is not effective.

It baffles me that textbook publishers force students to buy new books year after year with the same old subjects that will never change, like Calculus as an example.

What I did learn at UMB is how to do Thorough Research.

Research in IM is what I've been doing off and on in between semesters since 2006 but turned it into my passion since May 2008.  

My reasons for this research is to find something I did not have to get up and run to every day.  

With limited mobility, walking with the aid of crutches instead of using a wheelchair is preferred in my home or at an occasional seminar.

I am not afraid of learning or a job, I am afraid of the high odds of me doing a "Bambi" on the shiny polished granite floors of UMB.

What is a "Bambi"? 

You might want to rent the video for you kids.  

I do not know the name of the movie.

What I do know is Bambi is a Walt Disney character. 

The scene that reminds me of me slipping on a shiny floor or black ice, is where just after Bambi was born, she or he, steps onto a frozen pond trying to get some footing.  

Don't know how long the scene is but that's me with even a half inch in diameter drop of water, or a cable tie at the the end of a crutch tip.

A cable tie is what someone I use to work with found to be hilarious throwing them on the floor knowing I would spot it never seeing an actual fall.

I learned how to fall properly having gone down a couple of times on these cable ties.

Before I got my Associate Degree from Newbury College I liked to write; I was published but never pursued it as a career having three children.  

At the time it was better to stick with being an Electronic Technician job having been with the company for twenty-three years; at one time even had 11 years perfect attendance.

What was I thinking?  

I can only hope to get an employee like I was to work for me in Millennium Resources.
Thanks to Erik Stafford who knows how to get into the IM business I am pursuing, Millennium Resources was born.

Stay tuned!     

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