Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally Writer's Digest Turned On The "$" Light Bulb!!!

Don't Know If You Know This But I AM Dying To Make My First Buck Online!

Don't want to make millions just what I was making before going on disability.

Thanks to an email from one of Writer's Digest affiliates and their compelling copy; I realized I could be storing pictures worth "THOUSANDS"on my hard drives that were taken as a hobby.

My first truckload of photos were taken with a Fuji (my first real camera).

I learned two great lesson from my Fuji; 

One was to hold your camera firmly. 

Two, use that strap that comes with it and put it around your neck.

Let me throw in this third tip.

Never believe they guy trying to sell you a $100.00 warranty for your $400.00 camera.

I bought my Fuji along with my first laptop (with a $400.00 warranty) to take pictures in California where I was the best man at my friends wedding.

Autumn in New England is beautiful and with a camera of any kind you can get great shots.

I live in Revere which is north of Boston and the shots are nowhere as colorful as they are 17 miles north in an area where I once worked.

Don't get me wrong I have great colorful pictures from in and around Boston. (See Above)

I just decided to tell you what happened to my Fuji.

There is a huge tree I like to shoot annually in the fall near where I use to work because it is bright orange but if taken too soon there is some green, taken too late it will be bare.

The reason there are no examples or pictures in this post is because I am on my laptop.

One morning in the Fall on the weekend I decided to go shoot my tree.

On the way to my site I notice that it looked pretty in Saugus along 128 then decided to pull over an get some shots off of small bridge over a dried out stream.

When getting out of the vehicle I went to grab the camera watching it as if in slow motion fall to the ground breaking the function control button.

I was in shock before I realized I had a warranty

Well, needless to say everything the salesman who told me about the warranty on my Fuji, was not there, neither was the salesman and now that electronics store is no longer around either.

Guess what one of the biggest published gripes was about that store?

They did not honor their warranties.

I would tell you the name of the store but could not be bothered giving them Free Press. 




Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I would have emailed you, but I couldn't find any contact information.

I guess I should introduce myself, I am owner of Angie's Creative Worx and have recently started Freedom Freelance as the home for my consulting and coaching services.

I had read on another blog that you were getting started prior to arriving here. If you would like some help with anything, I'll see what I can do to get you started.

Welcome and good luck! (I'm not 50, or 30, but I subscribed ;))


Angie Haggstrom

Michael E Cantone said...

Hi Angie,
I did email you some time back but obviously you either never received it or got caught up in things going on in your life like Christmas shopping and or stuff like that. I worked hard most of my life and sitting around getting addicted to soaps and or non-value online activities is not what I want for my future hoping to have at least another 20 good years left. I want to work although it has to be the least physical, besides some exercise, way for me to go and would be to write and market online.