Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays and Have a Great New Year!!!

It is now raining here in Revere I am dressed waiting for my wife to come home from work and ready for our night over my youngest daughters house who lives around the corner.  She use to live next door.

We will be meeting my oldest daughters new boyfriend this will be my first.

My son in the middle age wise between his sisters will be there with his wife.

All I'm thinking about is becoming profitable in "09".

Have yet to put my goals down for the New Year but know I have to take certain steps and keep doing those steps over and over to achieve anything.

One does not have to be the best at what they do but You have to do it constantly.

You cannot fail if you never DO IT.

Please pardon my sucky writing today my mind is not in this today but I have to put something on this blog and hopefully I am not offending my readers.

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