Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Will I Do It?

It was a long weekend but it was a happy one.

Making sure my wife was my focus not my IM interest.

I had plenty of opportunity to check my emails which most were affiliate promotions about Frank Kern's Mass Control 2 launch.

Pissed myself off for not being an affiliate of this huge event realizing I have no credibility... yet.

I was notified way before getting anything from Frank about MC2.

He was about the third to contact me which meant buying MC2 from him directly would be all I would have received when there was so much more to have by getting from someone else.

It no longer surprises me at all of the who's who in IM that sent me their invitations to MC2 letting me have for free what would have cost thousands only months ago.

All the free stuff?

Yea, all the free stuff that was selling for thousands, supposed to sell out fast, never to be sold again, also?

Now it is free?

I know who did buy it.

Newbies, the Rich, a combination of both and of course IM Guru's.

Some might have bought it for their thirteen year old sons or daughters so you can feel dumb for not buying it when they give their video testimonial in front of an expensive microphone.


You give me your money.

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Fibro Witch said...

Hi, just catching up on my fave blogs. Been in the hospital, and slowly recovering.