Friday, February 20, 2009

My Slow Learning Curve Might Be Blessing in Disguise

Finally got my Expert WordPress blog up!

Now to fill it in and let it make some money.

Been at this since 2006 but like most who make the attempt we were paralyzed by constant analysis and distrust from being ripped off so many times in the off line world were all they wanted was the list.

It is the same in the online world of business except what you want to learn they will sell you after giving you tons of free valuable information.

But like in previous entries in this blog and my other WP blog;

I have told you

they tell you they will take you step by step,

which they do,

but they never tell you where the door is.

My purpose for this blog is find the door and let you in it.

Believe it or not we are still looking.

The reason of the title for this entry "My Slow Learning Curve Might Be Blessing in Disguise", is if we found the door to our business we would be in business! 

Our business is to give advice to small to large business about having an advantage in their business buy having a web site and to businesses that already have a web site; analyze their web site letting them know if it is even worth keeping that web site up on the web.

Knowing what we know can make on average a 10% increase in store traffic.

Many profitable businesses want to increase their bottom line if they are a real business.

See that confidence!

Don't mean crap if you don't have your corporation set up.

They do not tell you that!

They had me so convinced that this was going to be my year!

We paid for a service from a company that did not do what they said they would.

Who are they?

Don't you hate that? 

When you don't know who THEY are.

Please let me distinguish who the THEY's are.

Most of the references to THEY of course are the IM Gurus.

But the THEY who we paid $280.00 for the service of incorporating Millennium Resources LLC are a well known and reliable BBB member that go by the name

They told me we can't go to a bank to even apply for a loan until my package arrives.

We can't be affiliated with any Guru's without a TAX ID. says the state of Massachusetts is holding our papers of corporation since Decemeber 3, 2008.

What do you think?


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Fibro Witch said...

I don't recall getting a tax id for a corporation to have taken that long. Are you planning on doing more of a branding or a Search Engine Optimization web page?

What size companies are you aiming at? The small local companies around us in Revere? Are you doing web site development or just optimization? As you can guess I was unable to tell from your post.