Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No One To Blame But Me

As the first quarter winds down it is time to cut the crap.

Now we realize it cost $500.00 to have a LLC.

Tax ID?

We have one, just no idea yet how much it cost; we just know if you outsource this task make sure you make it local to your state.

If your not making $4000.00 per week go do it your self.

Then if your waiting for the state longer than expected for some reason, such as articles, you do not have to wait for a Valley girl who would rather polish her nails because the weekend is more important than your companies first start in business, you can call them your self.

I might be too emotional to be in this business for the fact that  I expect a product to do what it is supposed to and when doesn't it devastates me.

Now it is time to go back to work on my Expert WordPress blog.

Have to get back on target to what my company does or at least should be doing and that is helping companies get hooked up with trusted web designers and services for online profits.

This by the way this is not going to be my flagship blog for my company.

This blog more or less what use to be done daily before researching IM, which was to have a daily journal and as one can see this has been anything but consistent.

It has been up and down as far as my emotions like when finally taking the steps to get my LLC for MRLLC it was going to be my year instead it was my slap down.

I'm sure Erik got his affiliate check for my trust in him.

This makes me realize I could NEVER screw anyone the way that screwed me.

My wife says we should let Erik know.

What do you think? 

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